Cost of Living

Cost of living chart for Vienna (2014)

Based of prices in Vienna. Prices listed in Euros (EUR)

Accommodation (monthly rent from unfurnished to furnished)
Furnished 2 bedroom house EUR 2,900
Unfurnished 2 bedroom house EUR 2,600
Furnished 2 bedroom apartment EUR 1,900
Unfurnished 2 bedroom apartment EUR 1,600
Food and Drink
Milk (1 litre) EUR 1.10
Cheese (500g) EUR 7 
Dozen Eggs EUR 3
White Bread  EUR 2.40
Rice (1kg) EUR 1.99
1 packet of cigarettes (Marlboro) EUR 4.50
Public Transportation
City centre bus/train fare EUR 2
Taxi rate per km EUR 2.50
Petrol/gasoline per litre EUR 1.70
Eating out
Big Mac Meal EUR 8
Coca Cola (500 ml)    EUR 1.80
Cappuccino EUR 3
Bottle of beer EUR 4
Three course meal at a mid-range restaurant EUR 35
Internet uncapped ADSL per month EUR 40
Mobile call rate (mobile to mobile per minute) EUR 0.57
Electricity (average per month for standard household) EUR 120
Hourly rate for domestic help EUR 20